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Lau gar Heavy Ash Long Poles one in stock, 7 feet long Wing chun poles One in stock, Carved lettering can also be applied for a unique gift. Please pre-order for other poles or wooden dummy arms.

Architectural Oak Column

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Tel 01639 897177
Mobile: 07900 846397

E-Mail: dave.thomas@dtwoodturning.co.uk
Website: www.dtwoodturning.co.uk

A pair of boxwood candlesticks

Post turned to match an existing post

Swansea Accordion Plaque

Above: Turned Cnc Carved plaque, made in Maple..

Dave Thomas is a woodturner based in Port Talbot which is just outside of Swansea, West Glamorgan, Neath Port Talbot, South Wales.
He can provide turned parts for restoration on modern or antique furniture, patterns for mould making and anything from a single newel post or cap to a full set of balusters / spindles for your staircase.
He can cut barley twists, rope twists, reeding, fluting and can turn large work.
Porch posts, Columns and Window pilasters can also be turned up to 8 feet in one piece and longer if the design allows for jointing.
Decorative applied turned parts for doors, windows, shop front pilasters etc. can be made to match the originals.

He is happy to turn anything but his specialty is in matching existing Architectural pieces and stairparts, this is ideal if you have to replace a few broken balusters / spindles or need to match the existing Newel posts, spindles or caps in a new section of staircase for example in a loft conversion where you want it to blend in with the old.

He can match any turned part so if you need a chair or table leg copied
or if you have a drawing or idea that you want turned in a specific timber just give him a call.

Fluted Oak newels with single twist balusters.

Delivery is available throughout the U.K

Various woodturned items can be made, newel caps, newel posts, balusters / spindles, bowls, pepper and salt mills, rolling pins and many more quality turned items.

If you would like something for your home then why not take a look at the decorative pages.

If you can't find what you want, give him a call to discuss your requirements. If you are passing or live locally feel free to call in.


He is also an avid Wing chun (Ving Tsun) Kung fu practitioner and makes Martial Arts Wooden dummies (Mook yan jong) Long poles (luk dim boon gwan) and wooden butterfly knives (Baat jam do)
Wing chun training equipment.


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C.N.C. Work
Various work using a combination of C.N.C. and turning.
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Other woodturned items
 Miscellaneous Turned work
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C.N.C. Work

Computer driven router with 2440mm * 1220mm capacity.  
Using a combination of Woodturning and CNC he can  produce some unusual and exceptional one off’s or a small batch  run if needed. Looking for a special gift for someone and have an idea, then contact him. Trophies, signs, Carved, square cut parts, back plates for hanging brackets. If you are after some components cut give Dave a ring to discuss.
C.N.C. Work

CNC pic

Wing chun wooden dummies can be made to your exact dimensions, either for wall mounting or with DT Woodturning's unique compact and portable free standing base.
You are welcome to visit his workshop by appointment to discuss your requirements and try out the dummy free of charge and under no obligation to purchase.
Click here for more details.

Wall mounted Elm dummy

Click here
to see the construction of an Elm wall mounted dummy.

Eagle Claw wooden Dummy

Wooden dummy specially made for an Eagle Claw Kung Fu Practitioner.

Reeded newel post

Reeded newel post before staining.

Peppermills in Black Walnut

Black Walnut Peppermills 24" tall.

Dave and Column

Dave and a tall Column

Church Candlesticks in Oak

Two tall Oak Church Candlesticks

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun)
Martial Arts wooden training equipment

Butterfly Knives
Marine ply (Wood) high quality training knives.

Dummy arm sets and legs
Dummy arms are in solid beech available as standard full square shaft and easy fit with round shafts making it simpler to make your own dummy.

Wooden Dummies
Made to order only.
Freestanding bases also available to mount your existing dummy body onto.

. Long Poles In Ash
If you require any please place your orders as they are selling as quick as I can make them.
Bespoke made to measure poles are available just send me the dimensions for a quote.

If you would like your Pole personalised email me with the inscription for a price.
Guide Price: £10.00 for up to Twenty letters then 40p per letter thereafter.

Letter Carved inscription

Black Ash Wing Chun Pole

Above, a black Ash Wing Chun Pole with inscription.

Spear shafts

Other staffs and weapons handles can also be made to order.

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Wooden Dummies Mook Jan Jong

PRICES Depending on choice of timber
Ash (light coloured hardwood) £950.00

In Sapele (red hardwood) £1045.00

Ash freestanding wooden dummyWall mounted dummy in Sapele
Wooden dummy painted baseSapele freestanding wooden dummy
Above: left (Ash dummy) deeper base and right (Sapele dummy) longer base.
Below: Sapele dummy with dark purple painted base.
Purple base dummy
You are welcome to visit his workshop by appointment to discuss your requirements and try out the dummy free of charge and under no obligation to purchase. Also available
Wing chun Martial Arts long poles
The Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Long pole also known as Rat's Tail pole, Dragon pole and Luk Dim Boon Gwan (6 and half point pole)

All of my Poles are made form one piece of solid timber.
Purple heart wood poles
Out of Stock (next day delivery)
£130.00 & 30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.
Due to timber availability and costs these are now very rare.
2500mm long 42mm dia at butt tapering to 30mm dia at tip. Weight around > 2.1kg

Ash Wing chun poles

8 ft 2440mm - 2500mm 8ft 2"
1.25 - 1.8kg
Out of Stock

Timber Ash one piece
35mm dia at butt end tapering to 25mm at tip.
Excellent flexibility and good for training energy drills.
Price: £51.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.

Ash Wing chun poles
2500mm 8ft 2"Out of Stock
2100mm 7ft One in stock
Medium Weight 1.5 - 1.8kg

Timber Ash one piece
38-40 mm dia at butt end tapering to 28-30 mm at tip.
less flexible than above more suited to sticky pole and heavy form workouts.
Price: £51.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.Next day delivery cost for Two poles is £38.00 Three poles £48.00 same U. K. address.

Lau Gar Kung Fu Rat's Tail pole
One in stock
Long Poles
7 ft 2100mm Long
weight 1.7kg
Timber ash one piece
50mm dia. at butt tapering to 27-30 mm at tip
Price: £51.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.

7 ft 2100mm option is also available 40mm dia. at butt tapering to 27-30 mm at tip. Some Southern Praying Mantis practitioners have purchased these. 1 in Stock
Price: £51.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.

, Wooden Butterfly Knives

Baat Jaam Do (Eight Slashing knives) Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Butterfly Knives

Butterfly Knives

Price: £39.95 includes delivery Mainland U. K.

These Wing Chun Martial Arts wooden training knives are made of high quality marine grade ply, cut shaped and sanded by hand with a durable oil finish which is easily maintained. The handles are shaped so that they fit comfortably in the hands allowing complete control over the 13" (330mm) long blades.
Can also be made with shorter or longer blade lengths.

If you would like to learn the Wing Chun Kung Fu, here is a link to Port Talbot wing Chun Society Website

Port Talbot Wing Chun

Tel 01639 897177
Mobile: 07900 846397

E-Mail: dave.thomas@dtwoodturning.co.uk


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