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Architectural Columns

Architectural columns can be turned, or existing ones matched.
Fluting, reeding and twisting can also be carried out.
These can be made in a style of your choosing, to a drawing, photo (with measurements) or C.A.D drawing.

Patterns can be made from drawings to be used as moulds for casting if required.
Architectural Oak Column

Left: Architectural Oak Column. This column stands just over 5' 5" tall (1650mm)
It was made in european oak.
The column shaft was made from ex 2.5" (64mm) thick oak, and laminated as in the picture on the Right:

The base and the Capital are made from the solid.

Segmented column construction

Columns of this type can be turned with a shaft length of 2400mm Long and up to - 280mm diameter depending on the design and construction method used. The base and capitals are turned separately for mounting the shaft onto.

Column base Oak

Left: Oak column base.

Right: Oak column capital.

Capital Oak

Old column base

A pair of new replacement column bases

Left: Restoration of Old existing column, which new bases were turned for.

Column bases and capitals can be turned up to 2' diameter (610mm) They can be turned to match existing as replacements, or to a style of your choosing.

Larger sizes can be catered for depending on construction methods used.
Please call for advice: Dave Thomas Tel: 01639 897177 Mob: 07900 846397

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Right: Cedar columns made as replacements for the damaged originals. Cedar Columns





Porch Posts

These can be made in a style of your choosing, to a drawing, photo (with measurements) or C.A.D drawing
Existing posts can be copied if required.

Porch posts can be made in one piece up to 2400mm in length and 100mm -250mm square They can be made in longer lengths, and larger diameters depending on design and construction methods used.

Dave and a large Iroko porch post one of a pair. Large porch post

Decorative applied turned pilasters for windows, doors, shopfronts etc. can also be made to match the originals.


Decorative Window pilasters can be made to match existing designs or to a drawing.

Window pilasters

Fluted Window pilasters, made as replacements for the originals.

Dave and Two square cut porch posts and one Turned post.
dave with two large square cut posts and one turned porch post

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