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Wing chun Freestanding Wooden Dummies
You are welcome to visit Daves workshop by appointment to discuss your requirements and try out the dummy free of charge and under no obligation to purchase.


Ash freestanding dummy

Free Standing Wooden Dummy.
This is a unique design it is portable, height adjustable and freestanding. It has been designed by Dave to bridge the gap between the wall mounted and wooden framed free standing types of dummy that are normally available. It has a hollow base section which can be filled with a variety of materials to add the weight required.
The height is adjusted via Two bolts and wooden shims which sit beneath the dummy body and base stand.
The dummy can be taken apart via Six bolts which will strip  the dummy down to: 1 body, 3 arms, 1 leg, 1 support bar, 2 support frames and the wooden base (takes around 10mins) The base weighs in at between 10 and 16 stone depending on filling used. Body and side frames weigh in around 6 – 8 stone depending on timber.  Total weight between 16 and 24 stone. Once dismantled it will fit into a Car (seats down for dummy body and support frames) base will easily fit into boot.

PRICES From £1100.00 Depending on choice of timber
Sapele (red hardwood) or
Ash (light coloured hardwood)

More info and pics

The base is made from high quality 25mm thick plywood has two carrying handles and a hollow mid section to take the filling the top is then secured with screws keeping the filling in place. When the base is filled it can be moved by Two strong people. The base can be supplied with no finish and empty of filling, smooth sanded and ready for painting. Alternatively it can be primed ready for painting.
If the base is collected from DT Woodturning it will be supplied filled weighing at approx 8 stone to 10 stone

The support frames can be supplied in a choice of timbers, they will be drilled with the hole positions for the height adjustment of your specific dummy. They slot into the outside sections of the base and each is secured in place by Two bolts.
The support bar is made from a hardwood, It slots through the top of the dummy body and is secured to the support frames via two bolts.
The arms and legs are secured in place via wooden pins, they are loose fit in the body and the top arm shafts are offset so that they sit level. The leg will be provided overlong for trimming by its new owner when the height of the dummy is set for them. Or can be trimmed when collecting dummy from DT Woodturning. If you are interested in purchasing a Wooden Dummy from Dave he recommends that you visit his workshop to try out the dummy and to confirm your measurements timber choice and base dimensions. The complete dummy will then be made to your individual specifications. This can take from 16-20 weeks sometimes longer.

Give Dave Thomas a call to discuss your requirements or to book a free no obligation trial of this Dummy
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