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Custom made wooden clubs also available.


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Indian Clubs

The motions used when training the Indian Club swinging exercises are especially good for improving arm and shoulder mobility, they also help strengthen the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.
By using variations in the swinging patterns and incorporating your stance, over a period you can start to feel the connection back into your core. This helps you to develop more flexibility in your back and eventually your whole body.

These high quality clubs are made from prime beech with a danish oil finish.

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They are made here in the UK

0.5kg Indian clubs. Click for larger image

Above: 0.5kg Clubs in Beech Length of 430mm
Light weight excellent starter clubs.
In stock and ready to deliver.
Price £55.00 per set

0.7kg Indian clubs in beech

Above: 0.7kg Clubs in Beech Length of 465mm
Slightly heavier than the starter clubs and due to the longer length you get a harder workout.
In stock and ready to deliver.
£64.00 per set

They can be purchased direct from DT Woodturning.

Delivery cost £12.00 Mainland UK


Frequently asked questions

Q. Do you buy in your clubs.
A. No they are made by me in South Wales, UK

Q. In a set do both of the clubs weigh the same?
A. When I make the clubs they are both made from the same section of timber, after turning there will be a variance in weight between each club. If this is greater than 20grams then I will pair it with one from another section of timber but of a similar weight.
So they are always closely matched.

Q. Are the weights quoted e.g. 0.5kg Clubs exactly 0.5kg each ?
A. The short answer is no.
For convenience they are listed as 0.5kg but can range from 0.5-0.6kg for the 0.5kg Set and 0.7kg to 0.8kg for the 0.7kg Set.

Q. Can you make Bespoke clubs?
A. Yes.

Q. What finish do you use on your Indian clubs?
A. I normally use a durable Danish oil finish.

Training with the Indian clubs provides an excellent shoulder and body warm up prior to doing our Wing Chun and it becomes even more apparent when we are concentrating on Chi Sao.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Dave Thomas


E-Mail: dave.thomas@dtwoodturning.co.uk


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