Miscellaneous Woodturned Items

Here are some miscellaneous woodturned items that can be made for your home.
They are made from a variety of timbers: walnut, elm, oak, yew, robinia acacia, sycamore and other british timbers.

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I am endeavouring to place photographs of various pieces on these pages, but not everything that I produce will be on display.
You can always
contact me for stock details.

If you have an idea for a woodturned item that you would like to have made, why not take a look at the commission page.


If you would like more information on an item, just click on the picture.




Ring Stands

Wine Stoppers

Turned eggs

Lawn mower replacement rollers:

Made to measure in Beech

Light Pulls


Trophy and
Sculpture Bases

.anniversary plaque

CNC. Carved 5th Wedding anniversary plaque

Collection bowls


A pair of sapele collection bowls


Skittles and Balls

Skittles and Lignim Vitae balls

Skittles and Lignum Vitae Balls

Indian drum

Indian Drum turned on the left, original on right.

Wand made from a Black walnut and purpleheart wood.

Two wands

Wand made from a piece of carved driftwood and hardwood.

Hand made and carved wizards wands.

Back plate for door knob

Back plates for Antique door knobs made to an exact match, or created to your design.



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