Miscellaneous Woodturned Items
Here are some miscellaneous woodturned items that can be made for your home.
They are made from a variety of timbers: walnut, elm, oak, yew, robinia acacia, sycamore and other british timbers.

about timbers
I am endeavouring to place photographs of various pieces on these pages, but not everything that I produce will be on display.
You can always
contact me for stock details.

If you have an idea for a woodturned item that you would like to have made, why not take a look at the commission page.


If you would like more information on an item, just click on the picture.




Ring Stands

Wine Stoppers

Turned eggs

Lawn mower replacement rollers:

Made to measure in Beech

Light Pulls


Trophy and
Sculpture Bases

.anniversary plaque

CNC. Carved 5th Wedding anniversary plaque

Collection bowls


A pair of sapele collection bowls


Skittles and Balls

Skittles and Lignim Vitae balls

Skittles and Lignum Vitae Balls



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