The following page should allow you to make an informed decision when choosing and ordering newel caps for your staircase.

Please print this and fill it out Order Form

If possible some photo's of existing post tops.

The size of your existing post?

Finished size of the top of the post and if it has a round or is cut square?

Size of any hole in the top of the post?

Spigot size, or fixing method you are using?

Overall fullest diameter of the ball of the cap? Please see notes on other considerations at bottom of the page.

Type of Timber required?

Are the caps to be stained or painted?

Style of cap that you require?

Quantity of caps?

Size of post

The post needs to be measured in width and breadth, in case it is not square.

Please make all measurements in millimetres.

Finished size of the top of the post

I need to know the finished sizes of the top of the post and where the base diameter of the cap meets the post, in order to marry up the joint.

Please let me know the diameter and depth of any existing hole in the post?


The diameter of the base of the cap?



The diameter of the top of the post?

If the post has a square top and you are not rounding the shoulders over, then let me know that this is what you are doing and just give me the square post size.
If you have and existing post where the shoulders have already been rounded over, then I would need the diameter of this.?



Shoulders square cut or rounded over

You may be fitting the cap onto an existing newel post. Does the top of the post have a flat square surface, or rounded shoulders.

Flat square cut top of post.

Rounded over top of post.

If measuring an existing post which already has a circle on top of it I would recommend that you find the centre with a set of compasses and draw a new circle just within the old one, then give me that dimension. This will allow me to make the base of the cap to a measurement that will normally work, but owing to the previous movement of the timber in the old post there may be some discrepancy see note below.
Note: When fitting a cap to a post top with an existing circle on top of it I would recommend that you drill the post for the new cap and when the new cap arrives fit this into the hole and draw around it, take the cap back off and round the shoulders of the post to suit this, before final fixing of the cap. This will ensure a good fit.

Fixing method

Is the cap to be secured using a spigot.

If you are using a spigot, then I recommend a minimum size of 32mm Diameter.

Spigot fixing method. A hole is drilled into the top of the newel post. A spigot is formed on the base of the newel cap of the correct diameter, then the spigot is glued into the hole. Provides an extremely secure fixing.

Type of Timber

Feel free to send me a pic but it is not always possible to tell what the timber type is from a photo.

The Timber types that I generally use are:
Pine, (Softwood) This is fine for caps that are going to be painted, it can also be stained. Please expect some knots.
Yellow Poplar, (Hardwood) This takes very fine detail and stains well.
Ash, (Hardwood) Light colour, with plenty of grain, can be stained to mimic Oak.
Sapele (Hardwood) Red in colour and a good replacement for Mahogany type timbers.
(Hardwood) Lightish brown in colour, stains really well.


Pitch Pine.
European Walnut
American Black Walnut

If the caps are to be painted they can be supplied in a softwood, or yellow poplar (a light coloured hardwood, ideal for taking the fine detail of the more intricate caps, it can also be stained or painted.)

If there are existing caps that need to be matched, then I would recommend using the same timber in the replacements. Although this is not always possible as some of the more exotic species are not being imported any longer, or are in very short supply. In this case I will recommend a replacement timber with similar properties.

Sometimes the caps will be laminated from two or more pieces. This does not pose any problems as the glue used is extremely reliable, and with careful grain orientation, the joints are barely visible.






Please keep all sizes in millimetres. If you have any questions please call for advice.

Order Form

If your post does not have a circle
see Preparing a square post for fitting a cap

or contact me for advice.
Contact DT Woodturning Contact



Other considerations to take into account.

The standard designs of Newel cap pictured on my website can be altered for specific post dimensions, within certain constraints. I do not normally charge extra for this it is offered as part of my service. I will always try to accommodate a customers requirements without resorting to a bespoke option, when the customer's requests come outside the standard constraints a Bespoke option will be offered obviously this will increase the cost.

When considering the type of cap you require please also give thought to the base detail of the cap. With a standard style cap with a round sided bead if the cap diameter is at 90mm then the Base diameter of the bead will be less owing to the narrowing at it's base. It cannot be made any larger you would need to order a bespoke cap to cater for this. e.g. on a standard design where the ball is at 90mm the base will measure around 10-20 mm less. If a flat sided bead is chosen then the base diameter can be closer to its maximum of 88mm if needed.

What diameter ball or top of the cap: On a standard 90mm diameter cap this comes in at between 85 and 88mms
The caps fullest diameter is usually less then the full size of the posts by around 10mm or more. If you require a cap with a larger diameter in relation to your post please let me know this as it normally requires a bespoke cap solution and can not be created within the size constraints of a 90mm standard cap size.




If you are able to collect the caps, please put collect in the column. If you require delivery please include the full delivery address including the post code and contact telephone numbers for the Courier. All of my goods are sent out via a Courier, someone will have to be at the address to sign for the goods, an alternative works or neighbours address can be specified. When the goods are ready you will be contacted to arrange a convenient delivery date.

Most of my deliveries are done by APC. Couriers and use next day by 17.00hrs if you require a Saturday or morning delivery please specify, when placing the order, this will cost more.


Date required

Please put the latest date that you need the caps by. My lead time does vary but normally it is within 14-21 days of the payment clearing. I cannot commence work until payment has cleared.