Marking and shaping of the newel post to fit a cap.

This only needs to be carried out on an existing square post.
If the posts are purchased from DT Woodturning the tops will be turned over and drilled ready to accept the newel cap.

Mark the diagonals on the top of the post. These will give you the centre point.

Using a set of compasses or dividers, located on the centre point, draw a circle the same diameter as the bottom bead of the cap (see below ) This will give you a line for the diameter of bottom bead.

We will call this the base of cap measurement.


Using a square, mark the length of the shoulders all around the post.

Using a plane, chisel or power file carve away the wood between the length of shoulder mark and the diameter of bottom bead mark.


Drill a hole using a 32mm diameter drill bit. Make sure that it is on the centre mark and drilled as upright as possible.

After you have prepared the shoulder and drilled the hole, try the cap in the hole. Make any necessary adjustments and glue into place.

The finished cap in place.