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Restoration of Piano leg

The piano was brought over to England, from America over 35 years ago. It dates from the 1860's and is made from Brazilian Rosewood. The legs are made from solid Brazilian Rosewood, just over 150mm in diameter. They are bored from both ends, and have large beech dowel's glued through the centre. The dowel at the top of the leg is threaded, this is used to secure it to the piano. The bottom of the beech dowel is turned to match the taper of the castor cup.

The new leg was requested by the client, to replace an earlier replacement leg, that did not match the existing legs.



Above: One of the original legs on the piano. This was removed and used as the master, for the handturned copy.
The legs were secured to the piano by a large threaded spigot, made from beech.

Above: A close-up of the carving

Above: The turning almost completed. It will have a taper turned on the bottom dowel, when the new castor arrives.
The white deposits on the timber, are from the oxalic acid which was used to bleach the leg. The timber used is Indian Rosewood as Brazilian Rosewood was not available, due to restrictions imposed on it's use.

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