Timber Species available for newel caps

Ash: Fraxinus excelsior.
One of our native species. A very tough and elastic timber used in the past for wheels. Used today for tool handles and chairs, can be bent easily with the use of steam.
Beech: Fagus sylvatica.
A hard strong wood but lacks the resilience of Ash. It has an even texture. Very suitable for making chairs. The colour is a pinkish/buff.
This example is of spalted beech which can vary in colour from white through to chocolate brown.
Oak: Quercus robur.
One of our native species. A very heavy and hard timber. It has been used through the centuries for roof supports, buildings, ships and church furniture.
Elm: Ulmus procera.
A very durable timber used for chair seats because of it's resistance to splitting. Also used in burr form for high quality turned items.
Walnut: Juglans regia.
Used for fine cabinet making, varies in colour from pale buff to dark brown. Takes a really good finnish.

Cherry: Prunus.
Pale pinkish-brown with a fine even texture. Wild cherry is slightly scented.



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