Welcome, thank you for your interest in DT woodturning.

The following pages are to provide help when measuring your newel posts.

The only real way for me to accurately produce a copy of your existing newel post, is for you to send it along to me.

This is not always possible; therefore I have produced this guide. It should enable you to provide me with the information required, in order to produce as accurate a copy as possible, without having to send the original newel post.

I hope you will find this information useful.
If you have any comments on how I could improve this document, please send them to me.

Just give me a call if you have any problems.

Dave Thomas Tel: 01639 897177 Mob: 07900 846397

What information should I send you?

If you cannot provide the original newel.

If possible provide a scale drawing of the newel and a few photographs. Include all measurements in millimetres.

If you cannot do this:

††††† Please, follow these instructions.

1. Take some photographs: One showing the newel at full length, then a few more in close-up of the turned details. Donít forget to take some of the newel cap.

2. Next take the overall measurements listed on page two.

3. Then fill out the turned section on page three.

4. If you would like a quote, fill out the quote form and return it along with pages two and three. (Do not send the order form) unless you have already received a quote.

If after receiving the quote you would like to go ahead with the order, return the order form along with a cheque made payable to DT Woodturning.

Once your order is received I will contact you with to confirm a completion date.††††††