Supplying Timber for Turning Cutting Guidance Sheet

If you are supplying your own timber I can give you a turning only price. I try to keep my prices down as much as possible, as this enables me to concentrate on turning rather than machining timber. It also speeds up the turn around time, allowing me to get the finished turnings back to you in the shortest possible time.
If you are supplying your own timber, please ensure that any timber blanks supplied for turning are free from any splits and foreign bodies i.e.. nails, screws, bits of stone etc.
If they have been glued up from two or more sections, please ensure that they have been left for sufficient time for the glue to cure.
They should also be P.S.E. and cut to length. Allow 100mm extra for spigot on newels, allow 80mm extra for spigot on newel caps, balusters should be cut to length. See below for guidance.

If you would like to mortice the turnings before they are turned, this doesn't normally cause any problems during the turning, but if you have any doubts please speak to me first.
Dave Thomas Tel: 01639 897177 Mob: 07900 846397


Type turning
Extra length allow
Newel Posts with spigot fixing 100mm for spigot  
Newel Post 1 Piece separate cap Cut to length After square-up the end it will loose approx. 2mm
Newel Post with cap turned on top of post 200mm for cap and waste  
Newel Base section Cut to length After square-up the end it will loose approx. 2mm
Newel Cap with 32mm dia. spigot cut to 200mm lengths or multiples of If the caps are over 150mm high allow extra
Newel Cap without spigot fixing 30mm for parting off waste  
Balusters Cut to length Ensure they are all the same length
Table legs Cut to length  
Bun feet with spigot 50mm  
Bun feet central screw fixing Cut to length I will drill a 6mm diameter hole through, for lathe mounting. Let me know if this is OK.
Roof Finial post double ended 100mm for parting off waste  
Roof Finial single ended 50mm for parting off waste  
Knobs with spigot 50mm for spigot and parting  
Knobs screw fixing 30mm for parting  
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